Gaming setups: Choose the right setup for your home game room

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Gaming setups range greatly depending on the type of gamer you are and the space you have. While many may think they
need a large gaming room to accommodate a setup, the requirements aren’t that demanding. 

In fact, if you center your gaming room or area around the type of gaming you do, you may be surprised to learn just
how in-depth your gaming could be – regardless of the room you have available.

Here are three example gaming setups for your home game room:

PC gaming

While ergonomics are important for just about any gaming setup, they are especially important for PC gaming. Be sure
to set your gaming desk up in an area that allows you to spread out and recline or adjust as needed. Choose seating
that supports your back and gives your arms proper clearance for reaching your keyboard.

Once you’ve established how much room your seating and desk will accommodate, you can add in your hardware. Based on
the type of screen you may be using, it could be best to use artificial lighting either as temporary fixtures or
within your gaming devices themselves over natural light. 

Adding soft, ambient light to the walls along with places to hang your gaming accessories will free up more space for
you to move around, reorganize your setup or enjoy the unused space, in terms of storage. 

As for the ambient lighting, you’ll be able to maneuver your ideal lighting setup without strange shadows or
unintentional dark spots throughout the room.

Video game consoles

Another iconic game piece and entertainment staple, video game consoles, can be used to create a themed game room or
serve as inspiration for other room ideas.

Like PC gaming, you want to ensure you’re comfortable and use ergonomically designed furniture, such as a contouring
gaming chair. Make sure to place seating at a comfortable distance from your television or projection surface to
avoid straining your neck or eyes.

If you’re using a TV stand or entertainment center to house your systems, be sure to leave enough space to vent your
consoles. From there, try using small speakers, either attached to the television on the stand or hanging in the
immediate vicinity of your intended gaming space.

For those who would rather use virtual reality (VR) gaming consoles or games, try utilizing folding furniture or
lighter pieces that can easily be removed or folded to reduce the amount of storage space needed.


For those who dream of an ideal tabletop gaming experience, think: lighting, space and snack or beverage placement.
One of the most crucial elements to tabletop gaming is often reading or piece placement; sometimes, it’s both. 

You want to ensure you have ample light to partake in your gaming activities without putting added strain on your
eyes. Task lighting over the table with ambient lighting in the inactive parts of the room can help add depth with
little effort. You’ll also want to ensure you have enough room to move around without interrupting someone else’s

Be sure to find a table large enough for your preferred tabletop experience. You’ll also want to make sure there’s
enough room for any snacks or drinks you and your game buddies plan to have during your gaming sessions.

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Gaming room configuration is crucial whether you have a simple gaming desk with a triple monitor setup, an old-school
working display of vintage game consoles or an antiqued table with customizable led strip lighting for more thematic
game nights.

Try these tips for your preferred gaming style and enjoy the benefits of a customized gaming experience with little